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And never the twain shall meet…

July 13, 2013

I began this blog to cover two very distinct topics: unique houses and the books I love. As time went by I began to add essays on additional subjects of interest that ranged from Tin Pan Alley sheet music to zombies. (I have eclectic interests!) But it became apparent that people who like reading about historic preservation and old houses don’t want to read about fiber arts, while the fiber aficionados don’t have any particular interest in historic homes. And absolutely no one likes the books I enjoy reading, which mostly date to the 1800s.

In an effort to not annoy my loyal followers any further, I will post all future fiber arts essays on my new blog,


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  1. Mark Longacre permalink

    Just for the record Carrol, I enjoy reading all your blog posts! Keep up the good work.


    Mark Longacre Construction, Inc Of/Fax: 812-339-8066 Mobile: 812-327-2338

  2. janice permalink

    but it is your blog. you should be able to write what you want. besides, you are educating people about things that might be new to them. if they don’t want to read that particular one, they don’t have to. if books are of interest to you, maybe it will inspire someone else to read it.

    • Thank you for your support, Janice! I got spooked because people were unsubscribing each time I loaded a fiber blog. However, the analytic data provided by WordPress show that fiber blogs are extremely popular, so the unsubscribers had to be the books-and-houses buffs. As we do with quarrelsome children, I figured I would separate the readers since they couldn’t get along.

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